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Gloria Casarez Mural

Gloria Casarez Mural

Gloria Casarez was a revolutionary, Philadelphian who died in 2014 from breast cancer.  In 2015, artist Michelle Angela Ortiz and the Mural Arts Philadelphia worked with her family, friends and the community to create a mural that captured not only the image of Gloria, but her legacy through the work she did to further civil rights in our area. 

The Henry Minton House

Henry Minton House

Henry Minton was an abolitionist, caterer and restaurateur. In his Philadelphia residence, he entertained Frederick Douglass and gave John Brown a place to stay shortly before the Harpers Ferry raid. Midwood Investment & Development has doomed his residence and place of business to demolition.

Camac Baths

Camac Baths

In 1929, the Camac Baths started as “the shvitz,” a Jewish sauna or steam bath. From the late 1930s to 1984, this was a site of resistance for gay and bisexual men to learn that they were not alone and to begin to build a community among themselves. From 1990-1997, it became the home of Penguin Place, the predecessor to the William Way LGBT Community Center.

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